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Beams – LVL & Glue-laminated

National Building Systems provides LVL and glue-laminated beams directly from manufacturers and from local wholesaler inventories.

Glue-laminated Beams:

Glue-laminated Beams (GLB’s) are manufactured by bonding together multiple plies of solid-sawn 2x’s to create economical rectangular sections that can span longer distances than solid-sawn wood beams. 

The combination of strength and natural wood appearance gives architects and builders a wide range of design flexibility. As a result, GLB’s have become a common structural product in industrial, retail and office construction and anywhere an exposed appearance-grade beam is desired. 

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LVL Beams:

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is made from thin sheets of veneer that are glued together to form rectangular shaped sections that are capable of spanning longer distances and carrying heavier loads than solid-sawn lumber of the same size. LVL products are commonly used as window and door headers and in I-Joist floor systems because of their matching depth.

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